21 December 2009

Freealm.blogspot.com Terms & Conditions / Disclaimer

Please make yourselves aware of this disclaimer & privacy information.

If you do not agree with any part/s of this Disclaimer it is advisable that you do not Enter the Free Stuff Site or access any further information/links.

The Freealm Team have provided links on the site of special offers, competitions, and other articles as a resource of external websites that can potentially save you money or increase your chances of entering competitions and potentially win prizes or free samples.


The basis of the site is to provide links, a resource, to the best online freebies and other great offers and competitions. There is no intention of misleading or falsely advertising upon any article, as the articles provides basic information from external businesses who are offering the freebies/competitions. Freealm is in no way a representative or directly associated to any of the external organisations named on this site's articles.  The information posted was correct at the time of initially posting the article/link. From any errors during editing of an article, Freealm cannot be held liable for any damages. Therefore, it is advised you read the competition/company's individual Terms and Conditions upon entry, redemption or use. The Freealm Team is entitled to change any article at any time, and without any notification.

The author of this website was NOT employed by the competitions'/free stuff businesses to post any of the links. In the case whereby an organisation has requested Freealm Team to post an article about a freebie/competition, a FreealmBlogspot member has posted the article without being employed by the external company.

You enter competitions or external links on this website at your own risk. So, please read the external competition's Terms and Conditions before entering.

Please note: The linked site were NOT harmful upon visiting them at the time I posted them on this website. No intention is made to harm any visitor of our website. Our aim is for readers of FreealmBlogspot to enjoy the free stuff. Though we are not responsible for external site's conduct; we cannot be held liable for freebies/competition prizes being undelivered. It is best to follow up with the external site/organisation directly.

The writer/s of this site shares no responsibilities for any losses or damages. External links to free stuff, competitions, or any other linked sites are for your convenience only, and is not endorsed or monitored by the Freealm Author. The use of any external links should be used with your diligence and the Freealm Author should in no way be liable for any damages that you encounter from access to any external links or if you choose to provide your personal details to external parties.

The author reserves the right to change the Privacy and disclaimer policies without notice at any time.

Third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your browser, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving when you choose to click on a Google Ad (found at the Freealm Associated Blogs only). However, we do not personally store any personal identifiable cookie information.

* It is advised that you DO NOT write any unnecessary comments on this site (or any related or linked websites). These types of 'unneccessary' comments are regarded as comments that are either, but not limited to, any comments that can be found to be defamation of any person/s or entities, rude or offensive, comments that lead to potential harmful intentional outcomes (e.g. viruses, links to adult material), false or misleading statements, or anything that can land you in legal matters. Please keep comments appropriate, non-offensive, and respect others and their privacy.
It is a serious offense if you post inapprpriate comments, especially in Australia, or the USA for example.
Unnecessary comments also include backlinks or one or more links to external websites.

** IF you are the owner of any of the links/sites/companies and prefer that I do not add your competition/freebies/etc on the site, it is advised that you leave an official statement:
 [Full Name, Position in the Company, Contact Phone/Email, Reasons for request of deletion of article or parts thereof]
in the comments section of the article and we will remove it once we are aware of your preferences. Otherwise, you may ask for changes of an aspect if you do not agree with anything that was on the article. Please note that the article is basically free promotion for your organisation, so it should be considered wisely as you are reducing the potential for your competition/free stuff to be read by the general public.
Please note: It is ILLEGAL to make fraudulent claims or statements. Therefore, it is not a good idea to falsely imply/state you work for a company when you do not, or that you are a particular person/identity if you are not. This may lead to people taking action against you, potentially making you pay legal fees or fines, or a police record, so just be aware of this before you attempt any fraudulent activities on our site!

*** IF there are any harmful sites or offensive articles, it is recommended that you leave a comment on the article and warn other visitors. We will then seek to resolve the issue as soon as we are aware of the problem, and/or remove the article as soon as possible if the comments are found to be legitimate. Thanks for your consideration. However, please note, we have visited the sites, so generally the sites should not be harmful.

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