29 September 2014

Over 400 free movies online: Available all the time at SBS On Demand from October 1

Well done SBS, what a wonderful delight to movie lovers! Yep, that's right, SBS On Demand will have FREE MOVIES available online.

There will be over 400 free movies online, available all the time at SBS On Demand, so you'll be able to watch their movies whenever it suits you most.

Taken from their website, more info below:

"What's on offer
On October 1, 400 movies will go live at SBS On Demand, with something to suit just about every taste. You’ll be able to dive in and watch a film from your favourite genre or choose from our specialty collections.

We’ve cast the net wide to bring you: celebrated films from the world’s great storytellers; bone-chilling thrillers and genre classics; bold explorations of sex and relationships; and light-hearted comedies for those times when you feel like kicking back and having a laugh."

To watch these free movies online, you can download the SBS On Demand app on various media platforms, including: computer, mobile, tablet, game console and/or internet-connected TV.

For full details on all of the ways you'll be able to watch, from October 1st 2014, visit the SBS's FAQs.

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