31 December 2014

Download Snapfish app and get 50 free photo prints every month for a year

Happy holidays, and happy new year to all our Freealm Freebies Fans. To enjoy the next year even more, how about 50 free photo prints per month for 12 months from Snapfish?!

To get the freebie you'll need to download the Snapfish app on your mobile phone. The app is currently free to download from the Apple Store and Google Play (for most android).

So, what you can get is 50 'free prints per month for one whole year when you order from (their Snapfish) app.' This is available for mail order only, and you'll just need to pay for delivery.

When I ordered, the delivery fee was about $2.95 for the 50 prints. So it's not too bad, and seems a lot more convenient than driving to pick up the photos.

Some more info that I could find about the offer:
It applies to 15 x 10 cm prints when ordered via the app. When you checkout or confirm the order, you'll need to select the shipping options; when you select 'pick up' you'll have to pay the standard photo fee (e.g. about $0.15 per photo and any other costs such as Express). So, make sure you choose the delivery option.

They are offering the app rather simply ordering via their website, as it gives you 'easy access photos from your phone, iPad, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and friends' shared albums'. I found this to be very handy to print photos direct from my phone snapshots.

Photo: Jeff Sheldon

Some of their Terms and Conditions for those interested:
"- A credit for 50 free 15x10cm standard prints (single-image) will be applied to your account after you download, open and login to the Snapfish App. Additional credit for 50 (fifty) free 15x10cm prints standard prints will be automatically applied monthly for a total of 12 months. Unused credits will expire at the end of each month...Credits will automatically apply upon checkout. Additional prints will be charged at regular print and delivery prices. Offer excludes prepaid prints, collage prints and print enlargements.
- Offer only applies when ordering from the Snapfish App. Offer does not apply when ordering from www.snapfish.com.au
- Offer valid for Australian customers only.
- Offer is subject to change or cancellation at any time."

When I first attempted to order the free photo prints from Snapfish, it was an absolute pain! The order did not process, and then I played around with the app just to see what else they have available, then realised that it somehow ordered two sets of the same 50 photos for pick up - meaning I would have to pay the standard charges. Quite annoying. I called up the Customer Service who eventually cancelled both orders.

So, I thought I would try one more time to test it out, and before I would post it on Freealm if it was a legit freebie. The order did not process, it got to the absolute last part, then an error code popped up. I emailed the Snapfish Customer Service, who replied quite quickly, and they responded by recommending that I delete the app, restart the phone, and download the app again, and attempt to order. I restarted the phone before ordering, and then tried again... And luckily, it was a success!

Hopefully you will have better luck than me. A lot of Apple Store Reviewers found it easy to order, so I guess, it's worth a shot to get 50 free photo prints every month for one year. Click here to find out more about the Snapfish free photos via their app.

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